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Official Rules

Official Rules

The ÉTS 24h de l’innovation competition

(hereafter, the “Competition”)


(hereafter, the “Rules”)


1 – Competition period

The Competition is held in spring 2017, starting at 9:00 AM (Montreal time, GMT less 5 hours) on May 23, 2017 and closing at 9:00 AM (Montreal time, GMT less 5 hours) on May 24, 2017. Local judging panels deliberate within this 24-hour period, while the international judging panel deliberates as of 9:00 AM (Montreal time) on Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

2 – How to participate

To participate in the 2017 edition, go to prior to the start of the Competition. PRIOR TO THE PARTICIPATION PROCESS, YOU MUST AGREE WITH AND PROVIDE YOUR CONSENT TO THE PRESENT RULES AND ACCEPT THE ORGANIZER’S CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY. IF YOU ARE NOT IN AGREEMENT WITH THESE CONDITIONS, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE COMPETITION. Before submitting a video, you will be asked to indicate that you have read the official Rules of the Competition and that you are in agreement with them.

Entry and participation in the Competition are free of charge. The organizer may, at its sole discretion, remove and/or disqualify any submission and/or participant (as defined in Article 4, “Directives and restrictions,” below) it deems inappropriate or non-compliant.

3 – Creative challenges and criteria

Creative challenges

With respect to creative challenges, participants in the Competition:

  • Meet with their teammates to select and address one of the creative challenges launched at the start of the Competition;
  • Create and submit a video that meets the evaluation criteria set out below.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Innovation and creativity: 30%
  • Analysis of scientific and technical information: 30%
  • Quality of the presentation: 20%
  • Eco-responsibility: 20%

Technical criteria

Video files must be no longer than two (2) minutes in duration and must not contain protected work other than content held by the participants and/or content compliant with the conditions set out by the organizer on the Competition web site:

  • Video files must be uploaded to YouTube, Dailymotion or a comparable site. Only links may appear on the Competition site at;
  • Filenames must comply with the following format: 24h_ETS_2017_institution name_team name

4 – Directives and restrictions

Presentations may be in English, French or Spanish. Presentations containing printed characters or words must be mainly in English, French or Spanish, as determined by the organizer at its sole discretion.

All submissions must be received prior to the end of the Competition period, that is, no later than 8:59:59 AM (Montreal time, GMT less 5 hours) on May 24, 2017.

The entrant must be the account holder for the e-mail address used to enter the Competition (hereafter, “Account Holder”). If a dispute as to the identity of the entrant arises among participants using a single e-mail account, the authorized e-mail Account Holder shall be regarded as the official entrant. The “Authorized Account Holder” is defined as the person who holds the e-mail address used to enter the Competition (with this address having been assigned by an internet access provider, online service provider or other agency that assigns e-mail addresses or domain names). All teams taking part in a submission must designate one (1) person-agent as a representative in the Competition to ensure compliance with the Rules herein and accept prizes on behalf of the team in the event that all team members cannot be present for this purpose. The Competition organizer and its stakeholders cannot be held liable for any dispute that may arise among participants in this Competition.

Each submission:

  • Must be an original creation by the participant in the Competition;
  • May not have been entered previously in other contests or prize-giving events;
  • May not have been published previously on any platform; it must not breach third-party intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademarks, privacy rights, and advertising and other rights;
  • Must be appropriate for display, publication, and television broadcast (for example, it must not contain obscenity, including but not limited to nudity and vulgar language); it must not contain obscene or pornographic material or defamatory statements (including but not limited to words or symbols generally considered to be offensive to persons of different races, ethnic groups, religions, sexual orientations or socio-economic groups); it must not contain threats to any person, business, group or location; it must not breach privacy rights or any other rights of any person, business or entity; and it must not breach laws that apply to the Rules herein or to network standards;
  • Must not feature products associated with alcohol, tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and so on), contraceptives, female hygiene products, fireworks, firearms and ammunition, prescription medication, illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia, food supplements, lotteries and gambling (including horse races, dog races, and products and services associated with games of chance);
  • Must not display blows to the head and/or head injuries or related symptoms including but not limited to concussions and memory loss;
  • Must not use a living animal unless the participant has secured consent from the owner of the animal and an affidavit from the owner of the animal and unless the participant ensures that the animal is not harmed during the course of production (nor must the animal be represented in any manner suggesting injury or harm). Participants are advised to contact the local chapter of the animal protection society beforehand to verify the appropriate use of animals in audiovisual productions;
  • Must not include protected work (other than content held by the participants and/or content compliant with the conditions set out by the sponsor of the Competition web site). You may not include music in your submission, with the exception of preapproved music provided as part of the “toolbox” on Competition sites (hereafter, “Approved Music”). Approved Music may not be altered but may be excerpted for inclusion in your submission. The use of any non-approved music in your submission may lead to the disqualification of your presentation at the organizer’s sole discretion. All other use of Approved Music is prohibited and may constitute a copyright infringement. Persons who commit a copyright infringement shall be subject to lawsuits from the rightful owners of the Approved Music;
  • Must not feature buildings, architectural structures, and recognizable works of art as many of these are copyright-protected;
  • Must comply with the “Terms of Service” ( and “Community Guidelines” ( in effect at YouTube.

In the event that the organizer requests adjustments from participants to ensure compliance with the Rules herein, participants who decide not to make the requested adjustments may see their submission disqualified at the organizer’s sole discretion.

All submissions shall be assessed for compliance to the Rules herein prior to publication; participants are responsible for ensuring that their submissions comply with the Rules of the Competition. Submissions that are not fully compliant with the Rules (use of prohibited or inappropriate content as set out by the organizer), will, at the organizer’s sole discretion, be disqualified and be ineligible for publication or a prize. The organizer will make the final decision with respect to the eligibility of submissions to the Competition and prizes (including Grand Prizes). Some presentations may be shown on all or some Competition sites during the Competition period and/or on social media, sponsors’ pages, and other channels at the organizer’s sole discretion.

Intellectual property

If the actual, presumed or media-represented conduct of a participant is illegal and/or if a participant has been found to be guilty of a crime or of behaviour in breach of generally accepted standards of conduct (including but not limited to the use of illicit drugs and public drunkenness) or if the sponsor has reasonable grounds to consider that public association with the subject may result in public ridicule, contempt, controversy, embarrassment or scandal, the organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify one or more participants and submissions deemed to be in breach of Competition Rules.

By taking part in this Competition and uploading their submission, participants grant the unconditional and perpetual right to any person, within the scope of the law, to post, display, broadcast, publish, use, adapt, alter, and/or translate the submission for any media, anywhere in the world, and for any purpose without limitation and without prior notice or compensation. Participants’ submissions are considered to be part of the public domain. As part of the process of validating the eligibility of presentations, participants agree to cede all communication rights, titles, and interests, including but not limited to copyright; they must cede trademark registration rights and all copyrights for all uses associated with but not limited to the Competition as set out in the Rules herein. In addition, they must cede the right to subsequent promotion to the organizer and its partners, including but not limited to promotion in print media, electronic media, social media and other platforms.

Participants also agree to trust the organizer not to engage in communications that may be in breach of participants’ moral rights. All participants in the Competition agree to release, discharge, and indemnify the organizers (as defined below) from any claims with regard to advertising, the presentation, commercial web content, and subsequently produced, presented or prepared material (by or on behalf of the organizer) that may impinge on the labour rights of participants or the organizer or any other participant appearing in any submission.

Participants understand and agree that the use by the organizer of presentations and materials similar or identical to their presentation or containing similar or identical characteristics or components does not compel the organizer to enter into negotiations with participants and does not grant any entitlement or compensation to participants. Participants recognize and agree that there are no restrictions preventing the organizer from using any material or material similar to the submissions without having to contact participants, including but not limited to cases where the organizer exercises the right to use any other material because its characteristics or components are not new or are not original to any participant or which may be created independently by a third party or submitted to partners.

Participants recognize that other participants may have used ideas and/or concepts in their presentations that are similar to their own. Participants understand and agree that they have no right to present a claim against any other participant, partner or organizer on the basis of the similarity of ideas, concepts or materials and, further, have no right to compensation as a result of such similarity.

5 – Prizes


Organizers at each local site are responsible for the following:

  • Creating a local judging panel consisting of but not limited to local organizers, sponsors, and partners of the event;
  • Selecting the local finalist whose presentation is subsequently submitted to the international judging panel;
  • Submitting the name of the local finalist before the deadline, namely, prior to the end of the 24-hour period, to the international organizer.

Local judging panels enjoy full discretionary power and final authority with regards to the selection of finalists. Local prizes may be awarded to local teams at the discretion of local judging panels.

Grand prizewinners

Organizers at the international level are responsible for the following:

  • Electing an international judging panel consisting of but not limited to local organizers, sponsors, and partners of the event. An odd (rather than even) number of judges must be selected;
  • Selecting one (1) International Grand Prizewinner who is awarded the Grand Prize;
  • Selecting one (1) International Grand Prizewinner who is awarded the Second (2nd) Prize;
  • Selecting one (1) International Grand Prizewinner who is awarded the Third (3rd) Prize;
  • Selecting one (1) Grand Prizewinner who is awarded the Americas Prize (North and South America);
  • Selecting one (1) Grand Prizewinner who is awarded the AsiaOceania Prize;
  • Selecting one (1) Grand Prizewinner who is awarded the Europe Prize;
  • Selecting one (1) Grand Prizewinner who is awarded the Africa Prize;
  • Selecting other Grand Prizewinners who are awarded prizes such as the SWAT Team Prize.

The international judging panel enjoys full discretionary power and final authority with regards to the selection of Grand Prizewinners. The announcement of the Grand Prizewinners is made in the hours following deliberation by the international judging panel.

6 – General conditions

All participants must have valid contact information (e-mail address, postal address). Except where prohibited by law, semi-finalists, finalists, and Grand Prizewinners are solely responsible for the payment of taxes on their respective prizes. No prize substitution may be offered except at the organizer’s sole discretion. Prizes may be not transferred. Unclaimed prizes shall not be awarded or shall be processed in a manner compliant with the law. If a prize, in whole or in part, cannot be awarded for whatever reason, the organizer reserves the right to substitute one prize for another of equal or greater value.

Subject solely to the Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux with respect to legal residents of Quebec, if for whatever reason, including but not limited to computer viruses, bugs, unauthorized action, fraud, technical malfunction or other cause adversely affecting the administration, security, fairness, integrity and operation of the Competition, the Competition may not be held as planned, the organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or cancel the Competition. In addition, the organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any person who:

  • (a) Does not comply with the Rules of the Competition as set out herein;
  • (b) Is suspected of falsifying or attempting to falsify the entry or voting process or the administration of the Competition or administration of any partner, organizer or web site associated with the Competition;
  • (c) Does not respect the conditions, services, terms of use and/or general rules or relevant guidelines of Competition sites;
  • (d) Acts in an unsportsmanlike or disturbing manner or with intent to obstruct, abuse, threaten or harass any other person or engage in fraud, dishonest practices or illegal activity;
  • (e) Attempts deliberately to impair or undermine the legitimate administration of this Competition and/or business activities by the promoter, including but not limited to cheating, piracy, deception and/or other dishonest practices, including but not limited to the use of automated entries or programs and/or voting mechanisms;
  • (f) Is suspected of collusion to modify results of the Competition, and/or;
  • (g) Is suspected of providing false or misleading information to the organizer or parties involved in this Competition.

The organizer reserves the right to dismiss a creative challenge if it is disclosed prior to the Competition launch date. To the extent permitted by law, the organizer may censure any person who engages in any of the aforementioned prohibited practices to the detriment of the integrity of the Competition. The nature and scope of the censure are solely and entirely at the discretion of the organizer and may include disqualification or the loss of privilege with respect to other contests for parties involved in the Competition and/or promotion activities.

To the extent permitted by law, any controversy or claim arising from or associated with these Rules and/or the Competition shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with arbitration rules in effect at the Quebec Arbitration Tribunal in the province of Quebec in Canada. All controversies and claims shall be settled on an individual basis and may not be associated with any other arbitration process, claim or controversy. Arbitration shall be carried out in the city of Montreal in the province of Quebec in Canada. The laws of the participant’s country of residence may give the participant the right to submit claims before the courts of his or her country; some of these laws may be applied to this Competition. However, if a provision in the Rules or the application of such provision to any person or circumstance is declared to be invalid, unenforceable or null, the balance of these Rules shall remain in effect. The parties recognize and agree that the Rules herein may be modified to achieve the organizer’s intended objectives.



7 – Limitation of liability

Parties involved in the Competition incur no liability and are exempt from responsibility relating to technical problems or malfunction that may occur during the Competition and affect its operation: hardware and software error; problems with computers, telephones, cables, satellites, networks, wireless electronic equipment; problems associated with internet connectivity and online communications; errors or limitations by internet service providers, servers, computers, and suppliers; transmission of garbled, unclear or erroneous data; failure in the transmission and reception of electronic mail (lost, late or intercepted); inability to access Competition sites in whole or in part for whatever reason; unauthorized human and non-human intervention during the administration of the Competition, including but not limited to unauthorized changes, hacking, theft, viruses, computer problems, infected files, and destruction of any component of the Competition or the loss, calculation error, and inaccessibility or unavailability of messaging accounts used as part of the Competition.

To the extent permitted by law, the exempted parties are not liable for typographical errors in pricing announcements or in the Rules herein or for any inaccurate data appearing on Competition sites. The use of Competition sites is at the risk of users. To the extent permitted by law, the exempted parties are not liable for injuries or material damage or any type of loss sustained by users or equipment with respect to participation in the Competition or to the use of Competition sites or the downloading of any information from Competition sites.

By taking part in the Competition, to the extent permitted by law, participants and prizewinners agree to release the exempted parties from all liability in the event of loss, damage, incurred cost or expense, including but not limited to property, damages, injuries and/or fatalities which may occur as a result of travel or participation in the Competition or to the possession, acceptance, use and/or diversion of prices or participation in any Competition-related activity and all other claims based on publicity rights, defamation, breach of privacy, breach of copyright, trademark infringements or any other cause relating to intellectual property.

The exempted parties are not liable if a part of the Competition, an event or the broadcast of an event is cancelled due to weather conditions, fire, strikes, acts of war or terrorism or any other situation beyond their control (constituting “force majeure”).

To the extent permitted by law, the exempted parties cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for any damage or loss whatever its nature, including direct, indirect, accessory, and punitive damages following access and use of Competition sites and/or downloading of content and/or printing of downloaded content from Competition sites or Competition-related applications. Without limiting the foregoing, the Competition and prizes are supplied on an “as is” basis without any explicit or implicit warranty, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, and warranties of non-infringement. Certain jurisdictions do not permit liability limitations or exclusions to damages or exclusions with respect to implicit, direct or indirect warranties; consequently, certain aforementioned limitations may not apply to you. For information regarding liability restrictions and limitations, please review the relevant legislation in your locality.

8 – For Quebec residents

Any litigation regarding the conduct or organization of publicity communications may be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux for a ruling. Any litigation regarding the awarding of a prize may be submitted to the Régie solely for the purpose of helping the parties reach a settlement.

9 – Collection and use of personal data

By clicking on “Agreement with the Official Rules,” participants consent to the collection and use of their personal data for the sole purpose of Competition administration (including the full names, states, counties, provinces, and territories of prizewinners or equivalent data and/or the right to disclose such information to third parties upon request in accordance with the appropriate request process set out below) and all other uses to which participants have granted their consent. The organizer may not sell, share or disclose collected information in any way to third parties other than parties required to achieve the objectives set out above unless participants have agreed to receive additional information from promoters or third parties.

Participants have the right to access, alter, and remove their personal data free of charge. In certain circumstances, they also have the right to oppose data collection.

10 – Organizer

ÉTS Montréal, 1100 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3C 1K3.