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Spotlight on the competition!

Though the Montreal version of Les 24h de l’innovation is organized by an engineering school – École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) – the competition is open to everyone: citizens, professionals, elementary and high-school students, associations, and college and university students in all disciplines.

There are 3 ways of taking part in the competition: register, join an existing team or create your own team.

Teams have less than 24 hours to work on the challenge of their choice and recommend a solution in a 2-minute video.

Why participate?

This is a chance to share prize money. The event also features local prizes, prizes by continent, a prize for "eco-responsibility", and international prizes. You may also earn a chance to work on your project beyond the 24-hour framework of the competition. In addition, internship opportunities are offered by participating businesses.

This competition is an ideal opportunity for anyone seeking a thrilling individual and group experience and wishing to develop methods and tools to foster creativity and innovation. How? By allowing you to concentrate on finding solutions to specific challenges rather than focusing on defeating competitors.

Set your sights on a vast range of challenges

Les 24h de l'innovation gives you the opportunity to tackle non-technology-related challenges. Participating companies submit challenges in a broad range of fields. Simply choose the issue of greatest interest to you – be it social, societal, environmental, organizational, artistic, logistical or other – and come up with a creative solution.

Put together an ideal team

Each team member must play a specific role in producing the video. An ideal team has enough players on it to accomplish the following skilled tasks: project management, 2D graphics, 3D modelling, scriptwriting, narration, and editing.

Want to take part in the competition?

Easy! All you have to do is let us know by filling in the "I want to compete" form.

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Submit a challenge

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You would like to submit a challenge to teams competing in Les 24h de l’innovation? Please complete the form below, and we will contact you shortly.



Calling organizers

Take part as an organizer

Let us know that you intend to organize a local version of Les 24h de l’innovation at your institution, and ÉTS will let you know how to proceed.



Calling experts

Take part as an expert

Let us know that you would like to take part in Les 24h de l’innovation as an expert, and ÉTS will let you know how to proceed.



Invite players

You are a professor or professional and would like to invite players to compete in the 2014 edition of Les 24h de l'innovation. To that end, please complete the form below. An invitation email will automatically be sent to your students or members of your network.